”And When You Lose Control”

2 Aug 2013

“non-control” fragmental drawing about superfluous space by an architect and illustrator Davit Yukhanyan

Art incontestably has always been a matter of losing control.

Davit Yukhanyan once lost his control and from then on universal art got another chef-d’oeuvre.

“When you lose control (which is the name of the drawing) there appears surrounding and rooting superfluous space that limits your endowments and capabilities. In this drawing superfluous space is depicted in the form of octopus՛՛, explains the author of the mind-tangling art-piece.

This thought-provoking drawing that took  about two months from Davit consists of different smaller ones. Again perfect fragments form that sole masterpiece definitely needing to be zoomed to show the whole unique grace of the work.

Davit, being an architect by profession, takes up painting as some other way of self-expression. He barely can comment on what he tries to loud up about, as his works have no need for explanation. His paintings speak for themselves.

”To underline some phenomenon some choose words, others music or movies. Mine is painting. I don’t ever mean to stress distinct things. I always leave the conclusions on viewer’s perception”, says Davit.

Now, we got to perceive this profound art piece according to our own ideas and outlooks hardly being in the power of holding control.

For more works check out Davit Yukhanyan’s Behance profile.

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