Paints replaced by MS Paint

30 Apr 2013

Young actress creates her virtual self portraits with brush tool in Windows MS Paint.

With the release of Windows MS Paint program painters and especially not professional ones came to have a pretty effective tool at hand to bring to life all the raw ideas they have. The monitor becomes a canvas, the mouse becomes the brush.

The young actress Gayaneh Balyan’s drawings are the product of the very program. The latter became the medium of transforming all her emotions feelings, state of body and mind. Besides the theater the actress has a need to self-explain newly and in different mold. So, MS Paint gives Gayaneh the chance to ”play” in the virtual space where body gains new abilities for its plasticity and some parts of imagined body reveal the image as mediator and communicator.

Somewhat self portraits are kind of reflections of the actress’s own self, who has an insatiable desire to stand apart from usual and everyday life and see herself in some other utopian space. Roped hands and legs vs. knives, scissors and different types of acute tools emphasize the vulnerability of the body and the need of body protection.

Gayaneh painted not realizing that her sketches can be someday exhibited.

It’s rather surprising that these works which are actually products of virtual domain were also revealed virtually. The curator of the actress’s exhibition, held on April 27th, Sona Asatrian came across the works on Facebook social network.

”The catchiest point about Gayaneh’s works was the fact that she was not a painter and has just started to paint. When first seeing her works I said to myself that she must be either a dancer or an actress judging by the plasticity of the bodies depicted in the drawings. When I suggested Gayaneh to exhibit her works, she was at first scared, but then she was too enthusiastic about the idea of exhibition”, says the curator Sona Asatrian.

Sona’s task was to make the event and the exhibition night as out-of-frames.

The unusual venue, the music and the atmosphere were all a new and fresh stroke in the city events format.

02 Jul 2013

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