Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

23 Apr 2013

Showcasing the role clothes take on the identity, Hana Pesut swapped the couples’ outfits at its best

Vancouver-based self-taught photographer Hana Pesut takes the relationships into a quirky new level with her ongoing dual portrait series Switcheroo in which couples exchange outfits for the hilarious photo shoot.

With a new approach to the classic couple or family portrait the photographer has taken out the mundane of the regular portrait and turned it into something exciting and fun. She already took more than 200 photos mostly in Vancouver, also shot in Vienna, Barcelona, Osaka, Paris, San Francisco, New York, LA and Montreal. For the project the couples are photographed twice, once in their own outfit and again wearing swapped clothes against the same background.

Even though it may seem “just clothing” there is something very personal about the style of each person, and swapping that unique aesthetic brings out something very unique to the series. The photos showcase an accurate intellectual statement on the role clothing performs in the social construction of personality.

The trick is the similarity of the normal and affected versions that becomes distanced when their differences become more visible. The project provokes the question of self identity and challenges traditional stereotypes and how the outfit shapes our identity in terms of both gender and cultural sense.


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