The Algorithm in the Metal Groove

18 Apr 2013

The Algorithm’s Live Concert in Armenia: Interview.

When Zhesht Events announced about the upcoming concert of The Algorithm in Armenia everybody was sure to get a huge dose of heaviness and metal groove.

Infected Cinema, a-Yerevan-based metal group opened the concert cheering the crowd up and transferring them into the euphoric state of mind.

The group having already laid all the firm grounds for the Algorithm mega-gig left the stage with a flow of applauds and yells-of-raptures.

The Algorithm took the-already-insane crowd into the deepness of heavy electronic metal grooves. The vibes of hitchie and glitchie, effect-powered music gave the crowd uneasy and gracious moves, ups and downs.

We managed to meet up with the guys of The Algorithm before the long-waited concert and take a brief interview.

After the disbanding of Dying Breath, you wanted to establish a new band, but then started a solo project, why?

Rémi - I was trying to find people to start a band with, but I couldn’t find anyone, so I thought I might as well start something in my bedroom with my laptop, in my speakers and just do it alone. So I started it like this and it positively became more electronic, because basically I was alone. I was able to do whatever I wanted to.

You mean that creating music alone was possible only electronically?

Rémi - Yeah, because there is no actual musician, so I could do whatever I want, do glitches, do whatever I want with guitars and thus, with drums as well.

How Mike joined your solo project?

Mike – I found it through Euroblast Festival, In Germany. I was playing there with my other band Monuments. We started to listen to this and it was like what is it? This is amazing, never heard anything like it. So, I started learning it in my drums just as a challenge, to see what it’d be like. And I think Rémi heard I start learning it. Then he came up to me and the guy from Basick Records came up to me and John ( John Giulio Sprich – Euroblast host /editor’s note/ ) as well. They all said won’t you play shows with Rémi?. I said Woo, Yeah!. That’s actually how it started. It’s a really natural progression.

How do you experiment with sound, what do you use?

Rémi - Basically I have all these songs already set. So, I just play and then I mess along a lot with effects, themes and beats. There’s a bunch of effects with a lot of fuse, beatronicas, stato effects, overdrives. So, the idea is to manipulate the audio file live as much as I can. So there is lot of improvisation as well as a lot of pre-real parts. And Mike just plays over-rhythms with his own style. It’s fun.

You work both with electronic and metal music; you know these two scenes well. Will you talk about their differences, musicians, audience?

Rémi - I find that a lot of electronic artists are not doing as much as actual musicians. And I wanted to give electronic music more par-natural feels, more of musicians feel. That’s why I was very interested in working with a drummer. I just don’t want be the player just to play raising my hands. I mean I like the fact that you can actually have initiative on music itself.

Mike – The crowd, especially in England, there are a lot of guys who love metal and the like. It’s more just like what kind of music you like. People who like rock tend to go for more like electronic music. Everyone who likes really hard like dubstep, you know, really heavy electronic music tend to go for heavy metal music.  I don’t really know anybody who likes metal, but doesn’t like heavy electronic music. The people are the same, but in case of electronic music there is less freaky acception unlike in metal.

Are you working on new tracks now?

Rémi - Kind of. I’m a little bit too busy now with shows. I’m doing a lot of remixes and a lot of projection work for other bands as well. So, I’m too busy to focus on a new album. But I already wrote some new ideas for a new record. But I don’t have any plans right now, but it’s coming.

Please tell about your upcoming tour with Tesseract.

Rémi - We are touring with Tesseract in May. Yes, we are really excited about it. Tesseract are a really good friend of us.

Mike - It’s going to be  just like a big family.  We know already well the crew of Tesseract, we know already well the Monuments. So, we’re going to travel together. The shows are going to be  really cool. It’s like a kind of tour the dream to come true.

How did you start to corporate with Zhesht Caucasus?

Rémi - Booking agents basically did all the work behind it. So, they just send some mails “Do you want to play in Armenia and Georgia?’’ we said yeah, of course. Our booking agent Alan does a lot of work for bookings for Euroblast Festival. He said it’s going to be great and everything is great so far.

To sum up, we’ll add that the concert was really awesome and gave a sea of cool emotions.

Photos by Edgar Barseghyan

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