Skindeep by Julien Palast

10 Apr 2013

Eccentric and intriguing photo project from French photographer Julien Palast.

The human nudity and body forms are masterly and seductively shrink-wrapped in the provoking photo series of Julien Palast, famous French photographer. The photographer probably wanted to more highlight the shapes by smothering the figures under technicolor wrap.

The human body is at its best show-up due to the curves and counters under right-placed light sheen. The vibrant, correctly-selected material awesomely goes skin deep conveying all sorts of human gestures, feelings, state of mind and spirit and certain protests.

The photos also have sort of sexual context, besides the emotional flow that is individually perceived.

Julien Palast lives and works in Paris. More often he creates photos for fashion industry and advertisement. Parallelly he is engaged in shooting in the genre of ”still -life”.

Check out more of the French photographer’s work at, which spans commercial to conceptual.

02 Jul 2013

Moby – Innocents

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23 Apr 2013

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11 Apr 2013

M83 – Wait

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