Mani Vertigo – Psycho Paintings

30 Mar 2013

Psycho and vibrant paintings by Mani Vertigo.

The works of the young artist Mani Vertigo can be characterized as pretty odd, to some extent horror-driving and Vertigo causing ones.

The rich and vibrant pallet give some new and positive vibes to her once dark and obscure works.

Mani says that she’s never tried to make her paintings beautiful. Many people noticing that some of her works are unpleasant to watch however were touched by her soulful paintings that “show an unknown part of themselves”.

According to Vertigo when she started she was really inspired by Beckon and Basquiat, but now she’s changed. Now she is kind of in new era.

“Now I’m really inspired by contemporary Japanese culture, by their craziness, bright colors. However, the last thing, that I found and that inspire me for a long time is animation by David Oreilly”, says the talented artist.

Though she looks on creative process as on inseparable part of herself, she’s putting a lot of emotions, suffering and thoughts in each painting, it takes her less than an hour to produce one piece of work.

Mani uses mix media. She loves to work with oil and ail pastel, and also mixing materials – for example mixing ink and acrylic paint.

She also creates commercial illustrations. You can check out more of Vertigo’s impressive and psycho works here and on Tumblr.




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