An interview with Alfresco Disco

16 Mar 2013

Sub catches up with Alfresco Disco to find out more about the phenomenon and how they’re taking to the Austrian Alps.

Last year we wrote an article about the legendary Alfresco Disco, Bristol’s most exciting and debaucherous house night and mega event.

We caught up with them to find out more about the phenomenon and how they’re taking Alfresco Disco to the Austrian Alps.

For the people that haven’t been to an Alfresco Disco event, could you sum up the idea behind it and what you might expect to find at one?

We spent several years promoting a successful club night in Bristol. We then decided to take the party out of the constraints of the club and Alfresco Disco was born. It began as an annual, outdoor free party, primarily because we wanted something different, an alternative. These parties became extremely popular and we longed to put on more. We wanted to do it all year round but the weather would not allow it. We then set about finding interesting buildings that hadn’t been partied in before. The concept was the same, we created one off secret parties and people couldn’t get enough!

We approach each party differently, often choosing themes based on the character of the building before spending a lot of time conjuring up ideas of how to entertain our guests. The focus has always been on the party as opposed to the headline DJ. We never announce the lineup as we want this to be part of the suprise! I suppose its like having a mini, pop up festival, for one night only, where people can explore and make their own stories!

For quite a lot of your events, part of the build up has been around the fact that the venue/location is secret. Is this a practical measure? Or, is it now part of promoting the event?

Our free parties always had to be a secret to prevent them being shut down by the authorities, so we just continued that concept when we went indoors. It’s a big part of the history of Alfresco Disco and everyone loves a surprise don’t they? People that come love the anticipation and most would be annoyed if we told them where it was…

It feels like the re-emergence of house music fits in perfectly with the Bristol music scene, along with Bristol’s rich free party culture, Alfresco is the perfect event for the city. Do you think Alfresco would be as successful in other UK cities?

There are some amazing parties in other cities around the UK, but Bristol has certainly been a great place to be playing house music for the last few years. The scene here is quite close knit, and everyone knows everyone meaning people are ultimately supportive of what everyone else is doing – that makes it a pretty special place to be throwing parties. We’ve been friends with the guys running Futureboogie, Just Jack etc for a long time and hopefully we can all continue to develop and be successful wherever we put on events! We’re also very lucky geographically, theres plenty of secluded outdoor spaces to party in that are within walking distance from the city. This has definitely helped the free party scene in Bristol!

The variety of locations and themes keeps your events exciting, with tickets selling out in record times (and crashing Crack Magazine’s website), do you plan take the events back to the free party format in 2013?

You’ll have to wait and see. ;)

I know of one event that you have planned for this year and it’s certainly a big move for you guys. Can you tell us a little about Alpfresco?

We’ve basically set up a long weekend of Alfresco Disco style parties in Soll in Austria from 21st-24th March. We wanted to provide an underground and intimate event with the focus on getting good people in amazing little venues in the beautiful mountains. There will, of course be some intrigue and suspense to keep the parties fresh and exciting! We’ve got some brilliant DJs joining us and it’s set to be an amazing weekend!

Obviously the driving force behind the collective is the music. What are you listening to at the moment? Also, have you guys got anything being released soon?

We’ve been working on launching our own record label for a few months now and its just about ready to go, We’ve got a few releases lined up already, with Forget Me Not providing the first release with an amazing 3 track E.P. which will also include a Lukas remix. We’ve been wanting to start a label for years now so we’re all very excited!

Head over to the ‘Alfresco Disco’ Facebook page to keep up to date with any future parties!

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