Nick Hook feat. EI-P & Rood “Sirens”

17 Feb 2013

An eerie teenage campfire nightmare, featuring sinister rhymes from EI-P and Rood

А rather spooky and messed up darkhop music video called “Sirens” was released by NY producer Nick Hook from his new ‘Without You’ EP that dropped back in October.

In collaboration with Brooklyn based rappers El-P and Rood, the video features young girls lip syncing the verses of the song. A teenage nightmare, with all those flashlights and creepy shadows, that add a rather sinister lunacy to the spooky atmosphere of the video. Dark visuals accompany a track, that basically shows up powerful bassline and eerie beats, which would definitely evocate your deepest and darkest fears.

Hook’s ‘Without You’ EP is available on Scion AV.