Ok Go – End Love

14 Feb 2013

Song about the post relationship trauma from band’s last album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

End Love is a track from OK Go’s last album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. The song lyrics are all about the post relationship trauma.

Dead – end relationship memory keeps its “living on” in time making the very “living on” the only opportunity to exist. While I enhance the song with philosophical depth, the guys have made another masterpiece with dances on treadmills which is already considered to be a classic standard.

The music video co-directed by Jeff Lieberman and Eric Gunther perfectly matches the song lyrics. Concerning the main target on time it is greatly realized both in concept and form. The time-lapse photography techniques allow to play with real time, slow motion and super fast time creating a jumbling image. Moves of the four members of the band dressed up in colorful and synchronized outfit resembling Teletubbies, their freaky dancing routine and the changing background catch the eye and remove the whole heaviness of the lyrics.
During the shootings in Echo Park Lake, LA the band made a special friend named Maria, she is the park resident goose and was dubbed by the guys Orange Bill.

LA based alternative rock band  OK Go formed 1998 is well known for its hard earned and performative music videos. OK Go, now on their own label, Paracadute Recordings, after previous difficulties with EMI and Capitol Records for the “This Too Shall Pass” video.