Flying Lotus “Tiny Tortures”

10 Feb 2013

Flying Lotus’ new hallucinatory video psychedelia, that collides the real and surreal into dynamic tunes.

Los Angeles beatmaker Flying Lotus is certainly a strange film buff.

The peculiar attention and concern, that he puts into his visuals, seem to prove his overwhelming creativity, as he continues to come up with rather amorphous and dreamlike pieces of sci-fi over and over again.

Produced by Pulse Films, his latest piece of a slow-motion, David Lynch-ian psychedelia for Until the Quiet Comes standout “Tiny Tortures,” features a piece about a man, played by Elijah Wood, who just can’t catch a break between running through Middle Earth and escaping the Eye of Sauron and growing strange prosthetic limbs while hallucinating. As the story’s evolving Wood’s character dreams of possessing a new limb, and finds his confidence and comfort in his new image afterwards. Flying Lotus doesn’t simply leave his stories in melancholy. Mixing bright undertones and aerial sounds, there comes the experience of triumph.

Having an exceptional gift for matching video to sound and sound to message, this strange, hallucinatory video represents a cinematic vision of the transformative nature of Flying Lotus, who collides the reality and the surreal through dynamic tunes.

Make sure to purchase your copy of Flying Lotus’ latest LP, Until The Quiet Comes, on iTunes. Also, if you’re not aware of his rapping career, grab the deluxe edition of his debut Captain Murphy mixtape, Duality.