How to think like Sherlock Holmes

5 Feb 2013

21st century neuroscience and psychology in service of understanding Holmes’ methodsof logic and deduction.

Sherlock Holmes, who is just a fictional character, and whose extraordinary intellect is nothing else than a gift of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fiction, has always been an ideal of witty mind, renowned for his powers of thought and observation.

So, for years lots of readers have been dreaming to master his way of thinking.

To do this, we’ll need to avoid the pitfall of seeing without observing, that’ll involve thinking less like Watson and more like Holmes. The concept is pretty possible according to a journalist, psychologist Maria Konnikova, who tells us that we all can train ourselves to run System Holmes instead of System Watson. Instead of being quick to action, prone to travel along familiar paths we can learn to be mindful, self-questioning and rational. And if this gets into the habit, sooner it will become our second nature.

Beginning with Holmes’ concept of the ‘brain attic’ – a metaphor for the information we choose to store in the mind and how we organise our knowledge, Konnikova unpacks the mental strategies that lead to clearer thinking and deeper insights. Moving through principles of logic and deduction, creativity and imagination, Konnikova puts 21st-century neuroscience and psychology in service of understanding Holmes’ methods and helps us to employ these methods to develop better strategies, solve difficult problems and enhance our creative powers.

This book, packed with modern science and real-life examples, shows us how to get our inner Holmes out and is worth at least a few hours of pipe-smoking reflection in a comfortable leather chair.

02 Jul 2013

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