Alpine – Hands

2 Feb 2013

“Hands” is one of the first tracks, that Alpines wrote for their debut album “A Is for Alpines”

If the watermelon is to be the sweet Viagra, then the obsession with it explodes the desires. In “Hands” women are going to the state of sexual flux, after having watermelon and are given free HANDS to do what they want.

Let’s dare to see what distinguishes this group of young women isolated in a minimalistic mansion. Women as if they are objects for their own instincts. They have common type, age, race and are so feminine. The lifestyle they are imagined in is a way of self organizing through fashion, food and desire, which is quite a primitive state of living. The paradoxical part of the video is that the girls are shown as an isolated female community, who are being self satisfied and seem to have partner issues, then why they gather around the TV and stare hypnotized on men?  The idea of being isolated and still wanting a man stays aimless in this context.

The men in the video are shown in subordinate role which can form a narrative around women’s sexuality. I would be happy if a man defines this video as an explicit subordination of male through TV and sexual violence against them. Another statement I want to  make is the links between the director of the video Luci Schroder and Italian Contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft which is so obvious  in terms of the music video execution form.

02 Jul 2013

Moby – Innocents

Moby releases a new studio album in collaboration with several guest performers and vocalists.