Underwater Sculpture Jason de Caires Taylor

14 Jan 2013

Author uses underwater sculpture to draw attention to the plight of endangered reefs and marine ecology.

Spending much of his childhood on the coral reefs of Malaysia the sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor developed a profound love of the sea and a fascination with the natural world.

This later led him to spend several years working as a scuba diving instructor in various parts of the globe, developing a strong interest in conservation, underwater naturalism and photography.

So, Jason creates sculptures of people from life-size cement and immersed them in the waters of South America. Over time, they become part of the underwater landscape and combine with marine life thus participating in the creation of an unusual museum.  Unusualness of the museum is its being on the bottom of the sea. It is close to Cancun (Mexico), and to visit it, you need to put on scuba gear. Its construction continues to this day – adding new sculptures, and now their number exceeded one hundred. This is no ordinary art objects; the author tries to use them to draw attention to the plight of endangered reefs and marine ecology. And many of these sculptures designed as “home” for coral, fish and other underwater living creatures (such as a car, inside there is a special shelter for crustaceans). Recently, due to the influx of tourists to the region, representatives of the local underwater world began to leave it,  and it is assumed that these new coral formations and plants of natural origin will give the sea liveliness and create new, more comfortable habitat conditions.

The term “sculptor” doesn’t actually reveal the creativity of the author, he’s a gardener. Jason de Caires Taylor creates his work using subtle connections of  animated inorganic and live  building material, exploring the relationship between art and the environment.

In 1998, Taylor received a BA Honours in Sculpture and Ceramics from Camberwell College of Arts

To check out more pieces visit the author’s website.

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