Fantasy by DyE

29 Dec 2012

A story of secret teenage desires and tormenting fear of unexplored puberty.

If you have already successfully crossed the period of the rapid and painful sexual maturation and if you’re not afraid of facing the most terrifying fantasies of yours, it is likely that you have no reason for not getting excited, or at least, shocked after watching the video “Fantasy” by DyE, a French electronic producer recording for Joakim’s Tigersushi label.

The soft and pleasant male vocal slowly pours into a nice electro melody, positive and soothing in contrast to the video shot in the anime technique, telling a high school story of the first sexual experience drama, the fears and complexes related, and eventually the final, rather unexpected for an ordinary pool fun with soft drinks, wet kisses and a little of easy sex.

The perfectionism and sick sensibility of a maturing teenager could not be better reflected in any other form beside the violent contrast made up by the comparison of the relaxed, easily confident sensual melody and the heavy, hysterical pictures of an inflamed youthful imagination, suddenly becoming a reality.

All further description would be useless because it would remind those hated movie spoilers, the fate of which I think I’ve managed to avoid. In short, just relax and enjoy…