“Fake Animals” by Andrey Liankevich

29 Dec 2012

Alternative approach to animal photography by a Belorussian artist.

Animal photography is definitely a favorite topic of nature-lovers (and not only); perhaps one of the sphere that still reminds us, we are originally from nature. Moreover animal species are beautiful, feral and authentic.

Works of photographer Andrei Liankevich, currently living in Belarus,  were shown throughout Europe in over 60 exhibitions. This distinguished essay by him is actually a rare example in his career about wildlife.

However unlike the National Geographic bright and colorful shoots of wild animals in nature, a black and white essay, titled ‘Fake Animals’ by Liankevich, still in process, depicts stuffed creatures. Quite an interesting sense as if ‘time has stopped’ can be experienced when looking at these, at the first glance, BW still lives about artifacts of taxidermy. The same can be mentioned about Joel Sartore’s (a National Geographic photographer) 2nd photo in the album Fragile nature.

But with a big difference between this impressive series and other no less remarkable photographers’ shots of stuffed animals, say Sartore’s bears and wolves, is the imitation of natural environment, as a background for the shots. This unlike in zoological museums, meant to create a more original atmosphere, in some shots of this series fairly highlights the fact the creatures are simply dead, though in some shots that fact is actually exposed. Moreover the whole affliction of black and white photography is clearly transmitted to the viewer.

The aesthetic side of the series is out of discussion; the angle of shots and the foreshortening are simply mastered up to giving a bit aliveness to the dead creatures. This in fact is a more efficiently speaking detail describing human brutality and other eco-topics.


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