Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue

25 Dec 2012

Nosaj Thing released an enchanting new video, that plays along like a hypnotic extended optical illusion.

Blending a gorgeous light show with modern dance, heedful emissary from the L.A. beat scene, Nosaj Thing AKA Jason Chung, teams up with technology artist Daito Manabe, in creating an implausible phantasmagoria for the single Eclipse/Blue.

The profound piece of electronic melancholia, captures all the more by it’s snivelling feather-light vocals from Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino.

The enchanting video plays along like a hypnotic extended optical illusion, which is all a live dance performance and features two nebulous figures, dancing in front of a black background as astral visuals are beamed onto them. Created as part of The Creator’s Project, a collaboration between VICE and Intel, alongside with choreographer MIKIKO, Manabe created a dynamic virtual environment, that serves as a background for the dancers, whose moves are extended by the realtime floating graphics, making each action feel larger and more affective.

One cannot simply forget about the choreography of the video, which has also an interesting plot behind it. Inspired by the structure of an eclipse of the sun, the dancers are positioned in the same fashion as an eclipse “projector—dancer—screen”.

Nosaj Thing will release his new album titled Home collaborating with bunch of guest vocalists like Toro y Moi, Kazu Makino and a lot more.