Chanel Pre Fall 2013

25 Dec 2012

A colorful, artistic and punchy mix of patterns and fabrics put together in the extraordinary mess of Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 collection.

When one says Chanel there are few things appearing clearly in your mind.

Neat hats, flawless shoes, tweed jackets, strings of pearls on the long necks of elegant short-haired women, silent films, striped blouses and the iconic bouquet of Chanel N5… Those were the tools that once helped Mademoiselle Coco to create her great Empire of impeccable sense of style, aristocracy and elegance.

The tools that are artfully quoted over the years by Karl Lagerfeld, a great master of style, with his very last Pre-Fall 2013 collection being bright, classy, footloose, attentive to details and just charmingly beautiful, after all… Fashion orgasm, to put it simple. Scarves, kilts, tartan, wool and bulky sweaters…

Seems like things that have always been basic and traditional, almost a bore. But it’s enough to take a single look at the elegant silhouettes of unconventionally looking models to understand the real value of this collection, intellectual and deserving to be called art, in its’ broadest sense. Skillful combinations of fabrics, different in pattern, texture, color and mood bring a strong sense of comfort, which is not in a conflict with beauty but instead, is even in harmony with it.

The creative mess of hair and accessories slightly dilutes the austerity of traditional fabrics and knitting, adding a spicy touch of artistic madness. Would agree, for those who prefer a simple uncomplicated sexuality, this looks may seem too difficult to understand. But still, I would love to argue with anyone who would say that the collection does not attract. It certainly does. But significantly, It just shows alternative methods for discovering quite a different, refined and subtle sexuality.

There is a light, yet distinct desire in the free flowing folds of oversized sweaters and quite a noble fragility in figures of models, inspired, young, sensual and energetic. Yes, of course, Chanel  is not pure sex, but, hey, to the purpose, “The Dreamers” by Bertolucci is also hardly a porn.

02 Jul 2013

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11 Apr 2013

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