The Black Keys – Tighten Up

22 Dec 2012

The Black Key’s “Tighten Up” brings out a great deal of stereotypically desperate bluesy/garage rock

Most of us have probably had one of those quietly annoying music-addicted friends, who are utterly aware of everything that takes place in musical scene before anyone else heard it.

The type of a guy, who seems to be exceptionally tuned in to the “cooler-than-yours” music, a person who just knows about underground bands, that the rest of us plebeians never hear of.

The Black Keys is a perfect example of that type of a band, which that guy probably would have been listening to long before the rest of us ever got an idea of. As a matter of fact this Ohio based blues-rock duo, consisting of guitarist/singer Dan Auerbach and drummer/singer Patrick Carney, was present on the rock scene ever since 2001. Their hit single “Tighten Up,” which topped the rock and alternative songs charts, brings out a big deal of stereotypically desperate garage rock.

The video for the song pictures band members, who bring their two little boys together to play. All of a sudden the story turns out to be a competition between firstly sons and then fathers, fighting for a rather flirtatious little girl, while the grown-ups shamelessly pursue her mother. Like father like son, the video brings out an assertion, which declares that all is fair in love, just like on war or simply on the playground.