Bloody Boneface – Geek Art

21 Dec 2012

Boneface’s works are a product of video-games, b-movies, crappy cartoons, & comic books addiction.

It seems that today young artists draw inspirations only from superheroes, villains, video-games and other high-tech media persona, as we have already featured different artists creating works using almost the same characters.

But to be true all they amazingly alter from each other, as each artist views and utilizes this or that hero from his own viewpoint and reality perceptions.

An unique UK-based artist known as Boneface has been creating awesome works since 2009. His geeky action-gore works are also a product of video-games, b-movies, crappy cartoons, and comic books addiction. Some of which feature popular heroes and villains, such as Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Mumm-Ra from Thundercats. And favorite video-games as Altair from Assassins Creed and Niko from the GTA series. In his works the heroes appear to the public in a completely different looking all smashed and bruised with miserable and scared. All these characters are popped up with colorful gritty comic scenes with the technique only he can rock.

The author puts some kind of humorous and easy-taking traits into body or soul injury, which is untraditionally beautiful and kicky.

Boneface also recently teamed up with UK street wear collective ‘Dance Party Massacre’ for their 2nd collaborative artist series, whereby he created 2 custom characters for their brand.

The illustrator has also works on collages and his work has graced magazine covers, t-shirts and album covers.

02 Jul 2013

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