Musical Instruments by Pedro Reyes

20 Dec 2012

A set of 50 musical instruments fabricated out of destroyed weapons – revolvers, shot-guns, machine-guns.

The universe starves for peace not for war. I think of no better way of redeeming this tragic world than the complete rejection of all kinds of weapons.

It’s obvious that this is a pretty utopistic desire but at least let all the weapons turn into musical instruments. They will play a requiem for all those killed and perform a sort of exorcism with the magic power of music expelling the demons the weapons once held.

With the appreciable antipropaganda of weapons Pedro Reyes, a Mexican artist, undertook a favorable project called ”Imagine”, a set of 50 musical instruments fabricated out of destroyed weapons – revolvers, shot-guns, machine-guns, etc.

This work is a progression of Palas por Pistolas (2008), where 1527 weapons were melted and made into the same number of shovels to plant 1527 trees. So, after the public weapon destruction Reyes got 6700 weapons, cut into parts and rendered useless, and gave a life to these peace-challenging musical instruments. The task was a hard one, but with the help of some other musician Pedro succeeded in extracting sounds, from percussion to wind and string.

While Hollywood and video games creators continue to promote trigger-happy heroes, the artist set a unique call against the uprising violence. The situation of peace is quite problematic all around, yet we still need to express our desire for a world without weapons. Living in a community free of guns ought to be a human right.

Pedro Reyes lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico. His artwork explores the interplay between physical and social spaces, making tangible the invisible geometry of our personal relationships.

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