Sergey Kolesov’s Ethereal Concept art

18 Dec 2012

Peleng’s concept art brings along a tremendous, elegant, surreal and highly detailed visual experience.

Showcasing his love for wild, zany characters and concepts, Sergey Kolesov aka Peleng concept artist from Russia, has definitely been enjoying doing his works with regular updates, as well as experimenting with new celestial techniques and approaches in digital painting.

Concentrating on his incredibly prolific work, Peleng never sticks to the comfort zone that most artists fall into.

His fantastic digital paintings are done in more dramatic manner, expressing a great control over the visual information he delivers the audience, his works are tremendous, elegant, surreal and highly detailed. As a result he prepared a portfolio with an incredible amount of variety, and all his pieces have a great sense of personality and character to them.

You can check out his exceptional work below and also I’d highly recommend you browsing his sketches and speedpaint section on his website.

Sergey Kolesov

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