Playful Ladies by Oliver Marin

15 Dec 2012

French illustrator working in the style of heavy animated graphics mixed up with the esthetics of pin-up.

There was a time, somewhere in the past, when it was considered nice to have some little things in a house with cartoon images of delicious ladies in frivolous suits and playful poses.

Playing cards, tea mugs, dusty calendars…. At least, everyone had some forty-second cousin with a house somewhere far from the city, fresh in your memories because of the old picture of a nice smiling lady in an elegant black lingerie hung on the wall near the mirror in the hallway.

Seems like that’s what the French cartoonist and illustrator Oliver Marin meant to create while trying to recall the sexual playfulness of pin-up esthetics today, in a modern world of ideal supermodels and a total hyper-realism in art and photography.

Exaggerated forms of women’s bodies, bright palette of colors and dynamic scenes are the tools to create a spicy mix of comics, humor and cartoonish sexuality combined together in a form of vivid pictures illustrating the range of iconic role-play characters flavored with a number of inherent attributes.

The pictures are also not devoid of the superhero spirit which lurks somewhere in the soundness of composition and in some feeling of metaphoric superpowers those curvy women might have. Clear contours and the lack of graded color transitions complete the overall picture, as if putting the last bullet in the end of the story, though retrospective and almost forgotten, but not lost it’s glamour, nevertheless.

02 Jul 2013

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Moby releases a new studio album in collaboration with several guest performers and vocalists.