Bones Brigade by Sebastien Cuypers

14 Dec 2012

A range of stylish illustrations by Sebastien Cuypers, brazenly showing that life still rocks after death

Let’s face it, we’re all gonna die one day. It will come unexpectedly or maybe, instead, in the nature of things but it’s definitely gonna happen, no escape…  I’m not trying to throw you in the mood of gloom and some doomed expectation of an imminent death coming already to take all of us.  I’m just trying to look at the concept of death from the artistic point of view, just like French art director and illustrator Sebastien Cuypers does, in his ‘Bones Brigade‘ series.

“Live fast, be wild, die young and have fun”… Seems like so they did. Seriously, the quote was the certain sudden thought to come when I first saw those perky pictures of Sebastien’s hipster skeletons. And really, just  think about how many songs written over the past few years praised the idea of eternal youth, the denial of death and madness of the young, endless and assertive. And that’s what those daring illustrations are about. With just a few colors Cuypers has managed to create a number of vivid images, all cheeky and perfectly reflecting the personality of each skeleton.

Just take a look at the sassy tattoos sparkling on their white bones, as if nothing had happened or the smug face of the guy with a bottle, with an expression on his face of being pleased and serene, as heaven. It seems as if all of them are willing to say, “Heeey, you all there, life is overrated!..” At least, that is the exact expression on face, oh, pardon, on skull of the girl with a black scarf, elegantly frozen in a model pose, confident and sensual… This is typical. Not speaking of the lighthearted expression of joy in the whole posture of the pretty giddy girl with pink hair and huge round bone breasts… They’re priceless.

One thing is certain. If Maya were right and the world really comes to an end…  It doesn’t matter that we will die in a terrible agony, defeated victims of natural disasters of the raging universe… Just sigh with an ease, we’ll all manage to stay young forever.

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