Alt J – Something Good

14 Dec 2012

Another masterpiece from Alt-J, with a peculiar indie sensibility, the video reveals a story of death.

It’s death on the agenda of the tunesmiths form Alt-J, with their seductive, peculiar indie sensibility the band reveals a new video for their song Something Good. Not mentioning their album, which is an incredible piece of modern indiepop, also their music videos are truly unattainable, utopian and surreal. Alt-J’s name is a bit oblique as well. It’s the key command on a Mac computer that you use to type a Delta or triangle shape

As true artistic and independent filmmakers, the band’s fourth official video from their Mercury Prize-winner debut album An Awesome Wave, is nevertheless creative as their previous ones. Something Good reveals the unfortunate story about the death of a matador, the event of which, and I quote, “acts as an analogy for the slow mending of a broken heart through fun distractions”. The video represents a rather romantic vision of the bullfight in all its bloody glory. One cannot just not notice the amazing snapshots, which holds a great balance of action and atmospheric beauty. Something Good is for sure an exquisite, dramatically shot, and most definitely another great masterpiece.

Remark: None of God’s creatures were harmed during the making of this video, but if one ever was, you’d be sure to know we’d eat every last bit of it and use its bones as an art project.

Тheir album An Awesome Wave is out now on iTunes.