Fire Photography by Tom Lacoste

13 Dec 2012

Amazing photos spiced by stunning fire effects from a French photographer Tom Lacoste.

Manipulating with fire and juggling are the greatest passions of a young French artist Tom Lacoste.

By offering this cool and dangerous showcase the artist wants to stress the two things he is much inspired by. First of all he is a juggler then he is a self-taught photographer.
Fire is his main subject, and it was his first love in photography, as being a color-blind make it easier for him to see the natural colors of fire than other hues of the spectrum.
In most of his photos, the biggest part of the work is done when he shoots. Before the shoot camera settings are adapted with the speed of the flame that differs when taking a fire breather, a juggler. The gears he uses are a 5dmkI camera, and some fixed focal lenses.
For long exposure shots, he uses a tripod, and no any filters, flashes or special tools. The complex post processing includes Lightroom, and for the fire shots DxO, which is more basic, but has better warm hues.

He usually does two versions from each raw, with different exposure values, lately merging them as layers in Photoshop, to use all the original light range.

His last work with fire curtains was done in long exposure, with a self made instrument involving a very big wick, and without any digital trick.

Tom Lacoste’s a 23 years old French self-taught photographer, and lives in Bordeaux, in Southern France. Now he is studying at Bordeaux Circus School, specializing in juggling, acrobatics, and hand-balancing.

Tom Lacoste

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