House Of Cards

10 Dec 2012

David Fincher and Kevin Spacey have teamed up to produce a new, dark political drama set for early 2013.

Despite West Wing being barely ten years old, it already seems dated. It’s got that elevator music with the spritely violins, and a strange optimism about political change. Ten years ago people could believe in political heroes and elevator music. But a lot has changed.

9/11 happened, for a start; then the recession; the expenses scandal; Obama’s ineffectual first term. Where does that leave us with political drama?

One thing’s for sure. A modern audience can’t swallow the hope and optimism of West Wing like they could a decade ago. Political drama needs to get cynical, darkened, Christopher Nolaned. Enter House Of Cards.

It’s not an HBO production, but it has all the hallmarks of one. Kevin Spacey is in the lead role, and it’s being developed by Fight Club director David Fincher. Spacey is at best an anti-hero, talking into the camera like some twisted, older Ferris Bueller.

Netflix have just released a trailer for the first series, which will be available in February 2013. Details of the series remain relatively elusive, but the aesthetic is straight out of The Social Network, and the tone is clearly dark. House Of Cards may well possess the political pessimism needed for a new generation: West Wing 2.0