“Blow Job” – TADAOCERN

9 Dec 2012

The craziest photo shoot and a streaming video ever.

To get nearly one hundred people blown up and simultaneously shot was the incredible idea of a creative Lithuanian photographer Tadas Černiauskas.

This is one of the craziest photo shoots ever held. Lots of people of different ages, races and appearances were invited to the TADAO CERN studio to participate in an exclusive photo session called “BLOW JOB”. The unbelievable funny facial expressions were a result of a strong air stream from powerful fans blowing into the participants faces.

“I wanted to do something very fun for myself and the visitors, just laugh and have a good time. I was surprised there were so many laid-back people who were not afraid to look funny. Spacious studio was bursting at the seams and everyone was crying with laughter, laughing at themselves and each other. Everyone who dared to stand up in front of my lens that evening will remember this photo shoot for a long time and have an extraordinary shot in the album,” said Tadas Černiauskas.

Tadao decided to take this idea abroad and was lucky to have New Yorkers back-up in organizing the several cities, such as Leipzig, Germany, etc.

Tadao first introduced this idea to the public during Vilnius Design Week in May. This series, combined with a very literal and thus witty name, went viral throughout the world. He was featured not only in multiple online magazines, but also in various international newspapers.

The photo shoot is a great fun, with the great shots of the visitors’ distinct uncontrolled mimics and grimaces and plus the video is more entertaining than just the photos, as it fully transferres the whole process of the shoot.

02 Jul 2013

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