Jeff Simpson’s Whimsical Art

8 Dec 2012

Jeff Simpson’s haunting artworks combine two distinct worlds into a dark and poignant piece of art

The Vancouver based artist Jeff Simpson’s digital artwork is truly an imaginative and fanciful piece of work, that combines raw, fearful features of creatures from the darkest parts of your nightmares, with the luxuriant, soft curves of your dream girl. The result of the combination of two distinct and separate worlds makes for a mighty, dark and poignant piece of art, that you cannot tear your eyes away from.

Jeff Simpson, currently employee of Ubisoft Montreal, works as a conceptual artist and colourist, developing characters and environments, which doesn’t prevent him from doing illustrations during his spare time.

These exceptional artworks are done in Photoshop, although at first glance you might think they are traditional paintings. His style is both haunting and sensual, and can sometimes be reminiscent of Art Nouveau. With a special attention to details, amazing sense of colors and defined lines, Jeff’s illustrations take you to a place where you can lose yourself for a long time, studying every inch of perfection.

You can find Jeff’s artwork on his website, CGHub and DeviantArt.

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