Christian Tagliavini Historic Women

6 Dec 2012

“Dame di Cartone”, series of saucy images with an improvised reincarnation of vogue esthetics of the past.

Most would agree, the school lessons of history have always seemed to be kind of a bore. And even now, in times of maturity and properly educated adulthood history is still history, even if about fashion… It is tiring. But surely, not in case of Swiss-Italian artist-photographer Christian Tagliavini who is charmingly challenging the traditional views on the history of fashion in his Dame di Cartone series, ironically recalling the iconic silhouettes of women’s costumes of past centuries.

“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”. This famous quote of Her Stylish Majesty Coco Chanel seems to be perfectly brought up to the structured figures of models, clear-cut and highly balanced. The quirky volumes and shapes of the cardboard details combined to the theatrical facial expressions of women provide probably an extraordinary feeling of a well-orchestrated play spiced with a good sense of humor and style. This joyful game of textures, colors and fashion also refers back to the vintage covers of those first editions of Vogue with hand sketches made in the traditional techniques of graphic arts. Furthermore, the images of women from different historical periods reflect the variability of fashion trends, constantly changing even over short periods of time, not speaking of the long-term cultural eras.

The author of the series is taking part in various exhibitions throughout Europe demonstrating an unusual view of things and an addictive passion to invent, create and produce images that blend fine arts and craftsmanship.

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