Di Liu – Animal Regulation Series

4 Dec 2012

Artist Liu Di draws attention to urban settings by intsalling gigantic animals into shabby districts of China

Each artist has his own motivations and ideas while creating a certain work, intending to highlight the sources of inspiration or the urgent issues and problems that really bother him. This or that phenomenon gets a creative solution that not only emphasizes the existing matter but is a pleasure and aesthetic to the eye.

So, in case of the 25 year old Chinese photographer Di Liu the inspiration or better to say the stressing of a growing issue was the shabbiness of urban settings of many China cities. To get them fresh somehow the photographer thought to implement something new and revolutionary that will be meant to force people behold these familiar scenes in some other way. He had ideas about some installations that must be powerful and impossible to ignore but at the same time wouldn’t drive the population into panic. And he decided that they should be huge animals. Using photo editing software, he installed a panda, a rhinoceros, a monkey, a rabbit, an elephant and a frog inserting them at gigantic scale into shabby urban settings. Through these animals he highlights the relationships “between nature and human society, between the material world and the intellect, between obedience to and violation of the laws of nature.” It is only when our preconceptions are jolted, Liu Di concludes, that “we wake up and truly see”.

The Animal Regulation series brought Liu the first Lacoste Elysée Prize organized by the Musée de l’Elysée  and Lacoste winning 20,000 Swiss francs.           

02 Jul 2013

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