Jules Julien – Innovative Visual Art

3 Dec 2012

Graphic designer and illustrator questions the reality of the world which surrounds us.

The art of French illustrator, designer and visual artist Jules Julien questions the reality of the world which surrounds us. He puts in scene a world where the symbol blends with the anecdote and where the strange is concealed behind skillful and witty images.

Jules works long hours at his home studio crossing the boundaries between art and illustration. A spectator of his own work, seeking an element of detachment and a new adventure with each new piece. He’s one for working with juxtaposition and less than light-hearted themes, and this undercurrent of explosive depth is often glossed with a mature and immaculate yet youthfully imaginative design. With a visually innovative style he quenches the thirst of the most visceral or aesthetic viewer, and as an artist, communicates articulately.

Primarily living and working in Paris, Jules Julien is a world renowned artist with incredible commercial success. His body of work is vast and impressive. It has graced the pages of many magazines, huge galleries and has fashioned into products and garments many times over. Having produced work for companies such as Cartier, Cartoon Network, Diesel, Fortune magazine, French Embassy in Japan, Keds, Lancôme, Laurence King Publishing and Sony Playstation, his creative approach is appropriate in a large variety of fields, from politics to child’s entertainment.


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