3 Dec 2012

David Cronenberg’s new film exploring consumer society, money, technology and revolution.

Those who are interested in American abstraction, consumer society, money, technology and revolution will definitely like “Cosmopolis.” The film is a contemporary thriller directed by David Cronenberg based on Don DeLillo’s novel (of the same name), starring by Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, and Sarah Gadon.

New York City, 28 year old billionaire Erik Packer is riding to his barber to have his haircut.During this ride he conduct meetings with his wife, doctor, chief advisor and art consultant.

The main theme of this film is the growing abstraction of the modern world. The film contains different concepts about Wall Street, modern capitalism and American Abstraction. There are scenes where it talks about Mark Rothko Chapel and Jackson Pollock (who appears in the titles for this film.

Although “Cosmopolis” is a kind of lifeless movie, it was widely met by audience indifference. It did however initially attract some Robert Pattinson fans.

The soundtrack is composed by Howard Shore, featuring Canadian indie rock band Metric, and Somali singer K’naan. You can find links and soundtrack for the film below.