Heroes & Villains – Typography & Digital Art

28 Nov 2012

Typographic showcase inspired by super powers and fantasy worlds where heroes and villains exist.

Inspired by super power and been taken to fantasy worlds where heroes and villains exist, Australian Josip Kelava presents a little  typographic showcase project of all his favorite characters both in a friendly and foe manner, combining letter descriptions along with punchy heroic images, as typographic posters represent a little of what they are about.

Kelava’s work is bold, eye catching and insightful. Many of his typographic projects go beyond merely creating a custom font and really evoke an emotional response from the user. Josip has worked with many high profile clients who value his typographic input and unique design style.

Josip Kelava is an Art Director and Graphic Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is best known for his Illustrations, Identity/Branding and Typographic works. His work is primarily typography based, and he uses his skills with type to produce some stunning custom typefaces and beautiful client works.

As a Croatian born designer, he has lived most of his life in Australia’s design capital, Melbourne and graduated from Swinburne Faculty of Design. His direction towards the design world connects with his passion for photography, his lust for typography and the thrill of creating something from nothing. Learning new techniques and stepping outside his comfort zone is how Josip wants to grow as a designer.

He has won many awards collaborating with Mercedes-Benz, Dulux, Melbourne Dance Company, Melbourne International Film Festival, Fosters, Stack Snowboards, Bruno Kava
Click Magazine, Crown Casino, HP, White Pages and others.


02 Jul 2013

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23 Apr 2013

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