Smart Highway

27 Nov 2012

Have you ever wanted roads to do something, instead of just lying there? Designers have the solution.

Have you ever wanted roads to do something, instead of just lying there? A couple of Dutch design companies have the solution. Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure are developing what they call a Smart Highway. It’s a kind of a highway, that includes a group of interactive technologies, they adapt to traffic conditions and provide drivers with useful feedback.

Using a combination of sensors, smart paints and energy harvesting devices, it’s supposed to be both interactive and largely self-powering.

Dynamic Paint – is temperature sensitive type of a road. In normal weather conditions, the paint remains transparent, but when temperatures drop enough to create hazards like black ice, it becomes visible and reveals the warning symbols on the road.

Glow-in-the-Dark Road – is a kind of road that uses luminescent paint which absorbs sunlight during the day and glows for up to ten hours at night to increase visibility and reduce the need for conventional road lighting.

Interactive Light – is another energy saving and environmentally sensitive system, which uses sensors to detect an approaching vehicle, at which point it switches on. The light grows brighter as the car comes near, then dims as it passes. In this way,  this technology will cut down on excessive light pollution, having the road lit only when needed, rather than pouring light on empty streets.

Wind Light – is a pinwheel generators set that look like flowers, placed alongside roadways to capture the draft generated by moving vehicles, the wind light theoretically could generate enough electricity to light a highway.

02 Jul 2013

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