Niki & The Dove – Tomorrow

26 Nov 2012

One of the year’s top rated newcomers match expertly prepared pop music with a real grasp of visuals.

One of the year’s top rated newcomers Niki & The Dove match expertly prepared pop music with a real grasp of visuals. The intergalactic video seems carefully crafted, with the duo applying a sense of imagination to what they do. The clip for single ‘Tomorrow’ is no exception. Featuring plenty of battles in outer space, the video is a lovably daft homage to the era of the Intergalactic B-Movie.

The lyrics to “Tomorrow” are almost reckless in the face of apocalypse and trials, with singer Malin Dahlström crying, “Oh, if tomorrow comes/ I wanna waste my love on you” over Gustaf Karlöf’s euphoric, pounding synths. Niki & the Dove’s singles often concern the basic nature of particular moments. The greatest thing about “Tomorrow” is that even though the end of days may be near and this may be the last moment of these lovers’ lives, that cry of intent is delivered like a knockout punch.

The duo’s songs are full of magic and light but with an unsettling darkness hidden beneath the surface. It’s pop music but a world away from the production line aesthetics of much modern chart music.

Niki & The Dove is an indietronica (alternative dance,electropopsynthpop) band from Stockholm, Sweden with two members, Malin Dahlström (vocals) and Gustaf Karlöf (keyboards). Getting together in February 2010, Malin and Gustaf have spent the time since writing together, figuring out just how pop music works and then discovering new ways to break it.

Niki & The Dove ‘Tomorrow’ from Niki And The Dove on Vimeo.