Muse – Madness

23 Nov 2012

New video for the dubstep-laced track continues with dark overtones of earlier clip “Unsustainable.”

Muse’s new video for the dubstep-laced track “Madness” continues with the dark, paranoid political overtones of earlier clip ”Unsustainable.” Though the track ebbs gently with pulsing bass and wafting melodies, the contrasting imagery depicts a chaotic scene with rioters overtaking a subway station and battling police in riot gear. Caught in the middle is a loving couple – a glimmer of hope in a brutal world of unrelenting oppression.

Muse’s “Madness”  is the second track on the band’s sixth studio album, The 2nd Law and is the second single to be released from the album.

According to NME, “Madness” draws influences from Queen‘s “I Want to Break Free“, George Michael‘s “Faith” and some instrumental elements of his other hit “I Want Your Sex“.

Matthew Bellamy stated that the song started as a personal reflection after a fight with his girlfriend; and how, after she had gone to her mother’s house, he began to realise.

In a separate interview, Bellamy stated the song was the band’s attempt to strip down the sound of the album, and that the song has its roots in 12 bar blues with gospel, soul and R&B influences.

The song was released on 20 August 2012 after its premiere on BBC Radio 1 and NRJ. The music video premiered on 5 September 2012.