Stefan Furtbauer’s Photography

22 Nov 2012

Stefan Fürtbauer’s images represent the diners, as isolated islands of food supply.

Photographer Stefan Fürtbauer captures the touching, honest beauty and solitude of Viennese fast-food culture with his ongoing project Eiterquellen. Viennese wurstel diners have already became essential part of urban culture, not only by supplying snacks, but also being the place of the distinctive Viennese working class, whose isolation is a matter of Stefan’s research.

In his images we see the diners as isolated islands of food supply, standing alone in the dark of the night, as if some lone planets. Their isolation could be both in the sense of their physical appearance as well as in the sense of their resisting against global operating fast-food chains.

Open most of the night, it’s easy to imagine the interesting characters the fluorescent-lit food kiosks of Vienna attract, which makes it an amazing place for people to see against the dramatic darkness of the night city. Their metallic and neon design can be compared to American diners of the ’60s.

02 Jul 2013

Moby – Innocents

Moby releases a new studio album in collaboration with several guest performers and vocalists.