Disclosure – Control feat. Ria Richie

11 Nov 2012

Introducing catchy bassline, tempting vocals, record takes you back to early 90’s mad steppin’ Garage.

London’s brotherly UK garage duo Disclosure needs no introduction, as their recent leaping success has caught the attention of the industries’ top producers and DJs. Released this summer, their new record, ‘Control’ from their highly anticipated ‘Faces’ EP, is holding its positions on different radios all over the world.

Introducing some catchy bassline, tempting vocals and an overall incredible final product the record takes you back to early 90’s futuristic, mad steppin’ Garage. Aerial and frothy at the start, followed by a sputtering rhythm so smooth it’s ridiculous. ‘Control’ is the exact word, for everything here is well measured and calculated, without losing its sense of a fun and seductive dancing tune though.

Check out ‘Control’ below + pre-order ‘Faces’ EP HERE.

DISCLOSURE – CONTROL from Bullion on Vimeo.

Bonus points to Disclosure for their simple yet creepily awesome artwork.

The  Face  EP Disclosure

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