The Dirty Diamond – Calendar Expires

8 Nov 2012

The video fuses indie rock with more exotic flavors of Middle Eastern vibes, yet very modern sound.

It takes a whole journey to explore the distinctive sound that comes along with a new video called “Calendar Expires” from an LA based band The Dirty Diamond. Featuring vocals and percussion from a folk artist Arto Tuncboyaciyan, the video fuses indie rock with more exotic flavors of Indian, Arabic and Middle Eastern vibes, it has a very rich, yet very modern sound.

“Calendar Expires” reveals us a story of treasure hunters, bold enough to pass a desert in search of a precious gem. For what that gem represents, could be already a matter of viewer’s subjective opinion.

One cannot not notice the odd stringed instruments throughout the video, like harp guitar, which is a rare example of early Gibson guitars. Although the video itself is rather charming, it’s the instrumentation that holds the attention and is pretty fun, decadent kind of way and very evocative.

Merging a very powerful sound, melted in soft rhythmic section, the song indeed strips your cynicism bare within a few bars of its ravishing, eastern ethnic splendor.

The Dirty Diamond – “Calendar Expires” (Official HD Music Video) 2012 from The Dirty Diamond on Vimeo.