Peter Liepke: Cities and Dreams

8 Nov 2012

Recreating the past New York based Peter Liepke’s images seem to exist halfway between fantasy and reality.

Recreating memories of the past, New York based artist Peter Liepke’s images seem to exist halfway between fantasy and reality. His masterful use of alternative printing processes emphasizes the mood in his images that feel like charcoal drawings, and proves to be a perfect match for his rather romantic vision of the world.

Peter uses 100 year old Graflex 4 x 5 sheet film cameras to capture photos, then processing them with special 19th century hand applied techniques known as the gum bichromate and the platinum palladium process, allowing viewers to ‘feel’ the images through texture.

Living in NYC for over twenty years from now, his art represents his very personal and visual love letter to New York City. Every single image takes him back, remembering his feelings and first impressions upon his very first arrival as a newcomer. Despite of being surrounded by millions of people, Liepke always felt isolated and alone. The noise of the Big Apple has always been overwhelming him, and as any creative individual, he felt himself a part of a jigsaw puzzle called NY.

02 Jul 2013

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23 Apr 2013

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11 Apr 2013

M83 – Wait

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