Get People: Macaw Video

7 Nov 2012

New UK based Get People trio’s video where atmospheric electro pop is undertoned by some dubstep tunes.

The electronic pop genre has been heavily watered-down over the last decade or so.  When something emerges from it that connects to the past styles itself apart, that’s a thing of beauty.  The UK’s Get People accomplish this feat with their newest single “Macaw” from the forthcoming EP  entitled Harmonize due out early next year. The track is a perfect mixture of electronic and indie pop elements.

It  begins and ends  with a deep bass beat flow, that simply melts.  The male glacial, girly vocals forming cosmic pop, are pretty sweet on top, but the dope beat, called escapism, is the hook of the composition. The atmospheric electro pop is undertoned by some dubstep tunes in search of which the trio relocates to Mars and Venus leaving the summer behind. The easy grab of the track also suggests you to join their dream.

The brilliantly tense video clip for “Macaw”, filmed by Ian Pons Jewell , specifically for the visualization, just yet motivates each reflect on their limitations, suffering, and find a way out of this stupid vicious circle.

Get People – three young boys out of the UK trio who go by the names of Get Caspar, Get Dom, & Get Martin. Their tracks are undoubtedly influenced by the notoriously grimy beats of English dub-step; however, they are presented with a level of restraint that sings magnificently to the ears of those who don’t require the sound of a train derailing to appreciate an original, dub-inspired sound from talented Brits.