Flying Lotus – MmmHmm

6 Nov 2012

Flying Lotus’ “MmmHmm”, is a delightfully psychedelic video featuring bass wizard Thundercat.

Flying Lotus‘  “MmmHmm”, is a delightfully psychedelic video featuring Thundercat. Track taken from the album Cosmogramma. “MmmHmm” is  the album’s gorgeous centerpiece, even more of a standout. Featuring bass wizard Thundercat, the song seems to exist as an astral oasis amidst all the hyperspeed cosmic drama existing around it. The main melody has a breezy tropical air, even as Thundercat’s folded-over lines mesh with the machine-like beat. It’s a “moment in time” kind of track that when your feeling wells up and you wish would last just a little longer. The video clip is part video game, part space odyssey, and part kaleidoscopic animation, which seems about right. It conveys moving clams and gods, an 8-bit stunning imagery video game scene, which is an Asteroid- inspired game, that makes you nothing but desire to play it. The clip is directed and produced  by Special Problems, and commissioned by Warp Films. The costume design is  by Erica Frank and the additional animation is realized by Curtis Baigent.

Cosmogramma is truly an album-minded statement that gains something from being experienced whole. It also highlighted the fact that, despite its impressive sweep and end-on-end listenabiility, this is a dense album with very few traditional “singles” to sing or hum along to.