Alfresco Disco

31 Oct 2012

Their events sell out in hours, the hype surrounding them is huge. The phenomenon that is Alfresco Disco.

Their events sell out in hours, the hype surrounding them is huge. You’d expect to see this style of party in Shangri-la at Glastonbury, rather than a clearing in a Bristol wood.

Alfresco Disco is Bristol’s most loved House event, it’s popularity reflects the shift away from Drum & Bass and Dubstep that’s going on in the city. Bass driven music will always dominate the Bristol underground, and there will always be people putting on ridiculous parties, what ever type of music is being played.

The thing that makes their events special, is the fact that each one is completely different. Whether it’s the location, the fancy dress theme, or the decoration. Each event is given the most amazing attention to detail. At one event, a night of rain didn’t even put partygoers off. Alfresco’s advice on their Facebook wall was to, ‘bring your best brolly’. You’ll see in the video below, that the weather didn’t make a single bit of difference.

My favourite event has to be the party in Ashton Court Mansion. Dancing underneath chandeliers, in the hall of a 17th Century stately home is a pretty special feeling. They even had a couple of hot tubs in the drive way of the house. The word debauchery comes to mind. Other locations have included: Woodland, Bristol’s Castle Park, a recording studio and an old Coroners Court.

Check out the videos below for a little taste.

Alfresco Disco from Raspberry & Jam on Vimeo.

Alfresco Disco Royal Wedding Party (Somewhere in Bristol) from Luke Turner on Vimeo.

02 Jul 2013

Moby – Innocents

Moby releases a new studio album in collaboration with several guest performers and vocalists.