Alleys and Parking Lots by Joel Ross

26 Oct 2012

Turning a utilitarian empty space into a work of art and expression isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.

Alleys and parking lots are the kind of places we’re all connected to – public spaces that have some sort of private flavour. Their emptiness and simplicity make them visible and invisible at the same time, places where you can find space to pause, park, rest, argue, make out, cry or scream without necessarily being stopped, bothered, questioned or even seen.

Artist Joel Ross in collaboration with Jason Creps searched for narrow streets and roadside spaces that they could use, writing narratives and building sculptures to fill the emptiness. Their installations are declarations that take possession of the space, however briefly, conveying confidence, humor, urgency, and sometimes aggression.

For those who see them in person, the abandoned sculptures seem like voices sprouting from cracks in the landscape, almost always revealed at night, like nocturnal transformations.

However, most of the sculptures disappear within 24 hours, removed by the authorities or taken as trophies by fans or passers by.

02 Jul 2013

Moby – Innocents

Moby releases a new studio album in collaboration with several guest performers and vocalists.