The Bambir – Urbane/Urban

25 Oct 2012

Catchy guitar-driven music video filled with soft vocals captures and holds attention from the beginning.

The Bambir released a video for their song Urbane/Urban, a catchy guitar-driven song filled with soft Radiohead-influenced vocals, harmonies, and an original sound that captures and holds your attention from the beginning.

The video itself is directed by band member Arman Kocharyan and put together by the rest of the band and many pairs of scissors. Like the song itself, the video is very original and literally takes you on a journey with the band.

The main ‘theme’ of the video is the band travelling in a vehicle, showing you the journey that they have taken so far to get themselves out there. It portrays the long hours sitting in a vehicle waiting to get to the next venue so they can play their music and do what they purely love to do.

Clips of airports, airplanes and flying only back up the fact that they have come a long way, both musically and personally, from their home country, Armenia.

The video, just over three minutes long, keeps you entertained with the constant cuts and clip changes. You also see the individuality in the band members. Whether it’s by resting with arms folded, waving at cars going past or playing an instrument, each member keeps himself occupied while on the road.

“The Bambir is not a band. It’s a way of being and a mode of understanding” is what greets you on the Band Profile of the Bambir’s Facebook Page.

Made up of Narek Barseghyan (song-writer, vocals, guitar), Arik Grigoryan (song-writer, flutes and woodwind, vocals, percussion), Arman Kocharyan (bass, vocals) and Vardan Paremuzyan (drums, percussion, vocals), the band have had a storming 2012, appearing  on the main stage of Body&Soul and Knockanstockan – both very popular and well known music festivals. They have also been playing gigs in Dublin and beyond.