Andy Martin’s Bentwood Bicycle

23 Oct 2012

Wood is associated with furniture and not vehicles, there are designers, who made innovative use of wood.

Although wood is generally associated with furniture and not vehicles, there are some designers, who made innovative use of wood to create attractive two wheelers. Way back in 1859 the German – Austrian furniture maker Michael Thonet first designed the now well-known bentwood No. 14 chair.

It has been over 150 years now and the ever green design has inspired the creation of the most expensive bicycle, created by London based designer Andy Martin, the Thonet road bicycle is available in limited edition and carries a price tag of £43,000. 

The designer has very creatively taken design elements from Thonet’s bistro chair, connecting simplicity in the design with a remarkable use of the company’s steam bending technology, which as Martin recalls, was quite a challenge. In order to keep the clean lines of the bike, it will only be available as a single speed, with a solid beech seat, carbon-fibre wheels and no brakes, which makes it even more vintage. Andy Martin has also developed a series of connectors and sprung rods to reinforce joints and the major stress areas in the frame.

02 Jul 2013

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