Juha Arvid Helminen’s Shadow People

22 Oct 2012

Breathtaking work by a master photo-artist who has a unique way of working with horror and beauty.

Juha Arvid Helminen, a photo-artist and a costume designer from Finland, represents breathtaking photos and is definitely a master of his genre. He has a unique way of working with horror and beauty. In his works we can catch the clear air of light and shadow through which he transmits the evident contrast concerning this or that topic.

The set of the photos, called “Invisible Empire” is all about the misuse of power in religion and politics. The photos suggest war and darkness, but at the same time he utilizes themes of fragility, honor, fear and individuality in them. They bring upon a definite alluring appeal to the senses while invoking chill down your spine.

02 Jul 2013

Moby – Innocents

Moby releases a new studio album in collaboration with several guest performers and vocalists.

23 Apr 2013

Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

Showcasing the role clothes take on the identity, Hana Pesut swapped the couples’ outfits at its best