Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Remixed

13 Oct 2012

Notable contemporary mixed media music artist ‘Melodysheep’ has made remix of the new Tim Burton’s film.

Notable YouTube channel of a contemporary mixed media music artist melodysheep, a.k.a. John D. Boswell, has made a blast with his brand new, great remix of his “Rise From Your Tomb”, which is basically an autotune mix of dialogs and sayings, taken Tim Burton’s latest creepy film, Frankenweenie.

In the video Boswell’s truly captures the filmmaker’s iconic tone and mashes it around for some quality YouTube-style entertainment, making entire phrases stand so that their piece can tell the story of the original content that it is based on. And what a remix it would be without some dubsteb beats and breaks? The result is beautiful and sweet song, that makes you have a different glance on Tim Burton’s films.