Frivolous – Slinky Internationalist

10 Oct 2012

His sound can be described as if Bob Dylan went electric and started making beats mixed with punk & rave.

Manifesting himself as an imaginary personification of an obsession with sound-design, artist Daniel Gardner aka Frivolous will definitely grab your attention. Featured in a multitude of performances and recorded works, his sound can be described as if Bob Dylan went really electric and started making four-four beats mixed with punk and rave, or if Tom Waits got involved in  techno futurism, with a little bit of classic house and swinging 60s soundtracks.

His song Slinky Internationalist is not an exception. Stepping into the world of 1950′s funky retro glimpse, at times bright and shiny, and somehow dark and groovy all at the same time. Jazz, house, trip hop, electronic – it’s all melted in this track and works in a perfect harmony.