The Rolex Submariner: A timeless icon

8 Oct 2012

If you’re only going to buy one watch, make it a Rolex Submariner.

Rolex created its Submariner diving watch back in 1954, and although there were many timepieces aimed at nautical types long before this, none had the combination of style and durability exhibited by the Sub.

While lucrative product placement determines what actors wear in movies today, when Cubby Broccoli produced the first James Bond film – Dr. No – he stayed true to Ian Flemming’s vision and put a Submariner on Sean Connery’s arm – literally. Rolex chose not to supply the production with a Sub for shooting, so Broccoli removed his own Submariner from his wrist and gave it to Connery for the duration of the shoot.

Flemming never made it clear which model of Rolex Bond wore, and the Submariner didn’t even exist when he started penning his spy novels, but nonetheless, the Sub was the perfect choice for a suave, sophisticated man of action.

Rolex has evolved the Submariner over the years, but its basic design and function hasn’t changed. The latest version is waterproof to 300m or 1,000ft and sports a beautifully finished unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel – ensuring that you know exactly how much dive time you have left.

As James Bond knew all too well, the Submariner transcends genre; it’s a thing of beauty, but also a marvel of mechanics and machining. If you’re only going to buy one watch, make it a Rolex Submariner.


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